MOD Flush Aluminium Windows

Everglade Windows have been in the trade since 1980, manufacturing stunning high-performance windows to meet the demands of customers looking for windows with a difference. As one of the first fabricators to launch flush aluminium windows to the industry, we know how popular this trend is with customers and clients. Their PVCu counterparts have taken the market by storm and have subsequently created a high demand for an aluminium alternative. We combine aluminium frames with a flush finish to create a seamless window feature for your customers home that adds a sleek style.

MOD Series won the Build It Award for best windows in 2020 so as an aïr installer, high quality, award winning products are will be available for you to offer to your clients.

Features & benefits of MOD Flush

Aluminium air MOD Flush windows

Our aluminium flush windows will bring style and versatility to any project you’re working on, as they create a stunning feature for renovations and new builds. You can offer your customers the beauty of aluminium that’s matched with a practical performance thanks to the impressive thermal insulation and polyamide thermal break technology. The strength and rigidity of aluminium has made for slimmer sightlines which makes these windows perfect for if you’re working on a modern project. Aluminium is resistant to rotting and distortion so your clients will have windows that offer them both durability and strength.

MOD Flush aluminium windows come with a choice of window hardware options and are available in any RAL colour with dual options for full design flexibility, so that your customers can match their new windows to their existing project. With U-Values of up to 1.0 W/m2k to ensure that your clients are kept at a comfortable temperature in their property, MOD series aluminium flush sash windows are tested for watertightness up to 300pa and windload up to 2400pa to ensure impressive energy efficiency for all projects.

Easy fitting and surveying

air mod flush aluminium window example (1)

MOD series has five window products that are brought together into one holistic, modular system to simplify surveying and installation and offer homeowners a stunning suite of aluminium glazing options. This means that your client’s glazing flawlessly matches across the home for consistent aesthetics. It helps to make installing and surveying easier as all of the products that you’re fitting fall under one system.

At Everglade Windows, we offer full technical support for our customers, to make sure that you get the best experience installing MOD Series. You can benefit from our 40 years’ experience over phone, email, WhatsApp video calls or at our quarterly TECHTalk events.

MOD Flush aluminium windows for your project

If you’re interested in choosing MOD Flush aluminium windows for your clients, discover aïr by getting in contact with us. We’ll be happy to help you out with any information that you need. The beauty of using our MOD Flush aluminium windows is that they are versatile – transforming any existing project and being the perfect addition to any new build.