Privacy Screens for Widespan Doors

Privacy screens for widespan door use all day long, all year round

When homeowners choose widespan doors, they often don’t think about how they are going to dress them. With our exclusive privacy screens, you can help your customers to give their stunning wide openings the privacy and protection they need.

The privacy screens keep out flies and insects during the warmer weather when homeowners want their bi-fold and lift & slide doors thrown open wide all day, and they offer excellent privacy from the outside world.

The sleek screens eliminate the need of resorting to blinds or curtains, which can often ruin the illusion of extended living spaces.

Privacy screens work beautifully with our widespan door range

Our privacy screens have minimal sightlines, so they are perfect for Everglade’s range of wide-span aluminium doors, including the exclusive aïr door collection and our CF68 bi-folds.

The lightweight, concertina style of the screens mean that they fold away easily when opened, working with our bi-fold and lift & slide door range to create a seamless feature.

To make the installation effortless too, they are delivered in ready-to-install packs to make things easy for fitters.

  • Keeps unwanted insects out
  • Added privacy for wide opening
  • Works with our aïr range and CF68 bi-fold doors
  • Minimal sightlines
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Concertina style folding
  • Great cross-sell opportunity


See our privacy screens in our Perivale showroom

You can see a working example of our new privacy screens at our showroom in Perivale, and even bring your customers along too so they can see for themselves how it will work for their home.