Social Media Tips for Window Installers: Twitter

As part of our Happy to Help service, we’re collating a series of social media guides that explain the best ways to use different platforms to help boost your window installation business. In our first guide, we’re looking at Twitter. Here’s our expert guide with four steps to get you started…

Twitter tips for window installation companies
Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for window installers. You can see what’s trending in your industry, talk directly to your customers and even keep an eye on what your competitors are up to.

1. Precision

There is a 140 character limit on Twitter so your messages need to be really precise. You can share images, videos and snippets of information too. (Videos and images use 24 characters so your message will need to be even more concise.)
Following people relevant to your business, industry magazines and customers is a good start and tagging people into your tweets using their handles is a good way to get more engagement.

2. Handles & Hashtags

If you’re not used to Twitter all the handles and hashtag talk might seem a bit alien. Your Twitter handle is like your username. It’s the one with the ‘@’ sign and if anyone tweets directly to you, you’ll be notified so you can reply.
Hastags are used to identify a message within a certain topic. They’re like mini links so you can click straight through to every tweet that has used that particular term. So for example, if we look at #glazing you’ll see case studies, news and other industry stuff in one long timeline.

3. Get Tweeting

All of your social media posts should give a good reflection of your business.
Try posting 4-6 times a day. It sounds like a lot, but there are so many messages out there, you need to make sure that you stay relevant to your followers.
Images, videos and competitions work really well on Twitter and you can retweet other people’s information that is relevant, useful or entertaining.
Posting links to your website will help drive traffic and don’t forget to respond if anyone tweets you directly to you.

4. Monitoring & Scheduling

It’s really easy to monitor your tweets, as there’s an analytics feature in Twitter. It tells you how many people your tweets are reaching, how many new followers you have and which have been your most successful tweets that month.
To take the hassle out of managing your Twitter account, there are lots of free scheduling tools available. It means you can write content in batches and schedule it ahead so your account is always active. Then you can live tweet about any company news or projects as you go.

You can follow us on Twitter, @EvergladeWindow and don’t forget to get involved with our window installers social media competition. All you need to do is take a picture of an installation you’ve completed using Everglade products and share it with us on social media. You could feature in our next Everglade Express Newsletter and even win a bottle of wine or spirit!

social media tips for window installers