Become a Legendary Business – the 10th Customer Conference from Window Fabricator Everglade



Few door and window fabricators in the UK could pack a room of customers on a Friday afternoon, but in its 36th year Everglade Windows did exactly that. The 10th annual conference, Become a Legendary Business on 20 May, had a record number of guests.

The theme for window fabricator Everglade’s 2016 conference was business support. “We know that customers want good quality information to help their businesses. It’s interesting that when we tackle the tough subjects, we get the biggest turnout. This year we decided to tackle the pressing issues including customer disputes and debt collection,” says Jay Patel, Director at Everglade. “The numbers certainly proved that we hit the right topics.”

London based window fabricator Everglade offers business support to their customers at the annual customer conferenceAs well as the expert team from window fabricator Everglade, guest speakers were invited from The GGF and HAS Resolution. “It was great to hear from the two organisations about the level of support available for installers,” adds Jay.

Don Waterworth from the Master Window and Conservatory Installers Association and HAS Resolution talked a lot of sense. He approached the difficult issues with a straightforward approach and there were a lot of heads nodding in recognition of the scenarios Don was discussing.

Product updates launched at the conference included Kömmerling’s Invisifold system, Edgetech’s TruFit® foam tape installation system, and the launch of Ultion locks as standard on all of Everglade’s doors.

Everglade’s happy to help section included the latest information on online ordering. This year’s marketing support was supplemented with a presentation about what you can achieve in an hour a week on social media from Balls2 Marketing.

Customer feedback was superb. Joe Solomons from aïr Accredited Retailer Windows Etc was very impressed. Asked which parts he found useful, he listed every one of the speakers. Joe is also looking to add more products manufactured by Everglade after seeing Jay’s future product update.

After the speakers, customers were given the chance to meet suppliers in the expert marketplace. This was set up in the Everglade Showroom and featured all products in the massive range.

Conference regular Geoff Parker from West Norfolk Glass said this years’ conference was very good. Again he commended the future products talk as a highlight of the day.

“Longstanding customers who attend every year make this a very special event for us,” says Reena Gjoci, Director at Everglade. “This year was definitely the busiest so far, and it’s great that we can give customers useful information. We really enjoy entertaining our guests and this year, whilst dinner was being prepared, we had a close up magician to keep people amused.”

The customer conference took place in the impressive aïrzone at the Everglade showroom. It features 11 sets of aïr, the most impressive range of bi fold lift and slide doors. All guests left with a packed-full Everglade goody bag.

The expert marketplace at the conference featured our expert partners and suppliers:

The expert marketplace at the Everglade customer conference