Technical Support for Installing Everglade Windows and Doors

What’s Bhavik Up to?

Technical Manager Bhavik can help you with advice on installing windows and doorsWe’ve been supplying the trade with top-quality windows and doors for 36 years now, so our team has plenty of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of our double glazing products. As part of our happy to help service, we offer this expertise directly to customers, covering product information, marketing material and technical support.

Our specialist technical advisor, Bhavik is based at our HQ. He works really closely with Magdalena, Ana, Patryk and Sarjak, our happy to help sales support team.

That means that if you’re having any technical problems, you can just put a call into the office to get the best support and problem solving advice.

Bhavik has been at Everglade for some time now so he’s got plenty of experience and knowledge to pass onto you. He’s the star of the troubleshooting videos we launched at this year’s conference and is around to help you with any questions or queries you might have about installing our windows and doors.

At Everglade, we invest in the best training schemes, to make sure that our customer service and our windows and doors are second to none. Our customers can benefit from our training and experience directly. We have state-of-the-art training facilities where trade customers can come for technical and installation training.

Plus, for information on the go, you can request a free copy of any of our installation guides directly from Mina in the office.

Troubleshooting and User Guides for Everglade Windows and Doors

Part of the Everglade Happy to Help service for customers is troubleshooting. To help customers in the best way, we’ve created some simple troubleshooting videos and easy to follow user guides that will help you solve any issues you might have.

These videos were unveiled at our tenth customer conference earlier this year. You can catch them on our YouTube and our Vimeo channels.

See what Bhavik’s up to in our troubleshooting and videos:

Bhavik shows Everglade’s Tilt & Turn Windows:

User Guide: Tilt and Turn from Everglade Windows on Vimeo.

aïr Lift & Slide Doors:

User Guide: aїr Lift & Slide door from Everglade Windows on Vimeo.

Everglade CF 68 Bifold Door:

User Guide: CF68 from Everglade Windows on Vimeo.