30 colourways as standard on One Collection uPVC windows & doors

Since launching One Collection, we’ve seen a huge increase in orders for our premium uPVC windows and doors.

In fact, there’s been a 14% rise in orders.

One of the reasons One Collection has taken off with homeowners is the spectrum of colours that are available. Since launching just a few months ago, we’ve seen a 50% increase in coloured uPVC orders!

To meet the clear demand for coloured uPVC windows and doors, we have now added 3 new colours, giving you 30 colourways available on fast lead times.

This means we can offer you one of the best colour options on the market, helping you make the most of the trend for colour foils.

More choice for more opportunities

We’ve added 3 new colourways to our fast lead times to help you cash in on the trend for coloured, premium uPVC.

Homeowners are looking for a way to add their own personal style to their home, and colour is a great way to do that.

You can upsell the benefits of giving homeowners true design flexibility without having to wait too long to achieve their dream home transformation.

Coloured uPVC windows & doors for any project

We’ve added 3 new standard colourways to One Collection:

  • Grey Aluminium on White
  • Anthracite Smooth Matte on White
  • Black Smooth Matte on White

new upvc colours

This adds to our already extensive selection of standard colours:

Our comprehensive colour collection means that you can match the needs of your customer’s personal style and property.

The new colours for One Collection uPVC ooze contemporary style, which has become a fast favourite for homeowners looking to modernise their properties. This adds to the Anthracite Grey and Black Ash options available.

One Collection also features woodgrain colours – the perfect choice for homeowners looking to retain the charm and character of their period properties whilst upgrading the performance.

Classic hues of white, cream and green are still a popular choice for many homeowners, favoured for their timeless style.

Unrivalled colour options, faster than ever

upvc colour machine

We’re able to offer 30 colourways on fast lead times thanks to our £100,000 investment in a new uPVC machine, the Winmac Rotox SMK505 5-head welder.

The machine welds One Collection uPVC windows and doors for a better finish on foils, ensuring the coloured frames look great for years to come.

The high standard the Rotox SMK505 gives uPVC windows and doors means that we’re able to get orders out faster, improving turnaround times and helping you meet tight customer deadlines.

This means you can offer more colour choices in the best quality finish on quick turnarounds

To find out more about our coloured uPVC windows and doors, get in touch with Everglade Windows

If you want to find out more about how we can help bring you and your customers more opportunities with our huge colour range, get in touch with Everglade Windows by calling 020 8998 8775, emailing support@everglade.co.uk or filling out a contact form here.

You can also see One Collection uPVC windows and doors at our showroom in Perivale and even bring your customers along too.