London’s no. 1 fabricator, Everglade Windows, invests in new uPVC machine

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When homeowners are looking for new windows, the most popular choice is still uPVC windows.

The timeless appearance, low maintenance and durability of uPVC will always be appealing to homeowners. However, we know that they’re looking for something more.

That’s why we launched the One Collection, a range of uPVC windows, in Ovolo, Chamfered or Flush finishes.

For a fully suited home, we offer One Collection patio doors and entrance doors.

Since launching One Collection, we’ve had a 14% increase in uPVC orders, showing the homeowner demand for uPVC windows and doors and the installer demand for a high-quality uPVC manufacturer.

Following the successful launch and the growth in demand for our premium uPVC products and to help get orders out quicker, we’ve invested in a new uPVC machine.

The Winmac Rotox SMK505 5-head welder

We’ve invested £100,000 in the Winmac Rotox SMK505 5-head welder.

This is a top specification machine, with a turret facility, giving the best quality finish with the ability to weld flush windows and better adjustment options for perfect corners.

The high standard the Rotox SMK505 gives uPVC windows and doors means that we’re able to get orders out faster, improving turnaround times and helping you meet tight customer deadlines.

Coloured uPVC frames made easier

With One Collection, installers can get 30 standard colourways fast, with an additional 20 premium colour foils on short lead times too.

To manufacture the uPVC windows and doors in beautiful coloured frames, the Rotox SMK505 was the best choice.

The machine welds the windows and doors for a better finish on foils, ensuring the coloured frames look great for years to come.

Meet the demand for flush uPVC windows

Flush frames have been one of the biggest uPVC trends of 2019 and we predict that this is a trend that will continue to grow over time.

The Rotox SMK505 has the ability to weld flush uPVC windows phenomenally.

This helps you to cater for discerning homeowners who want beautifully authentic timber-look replicas.

The machine offers better adjustment options for perfect corners, creating a flawless flush finish.

Get in touch with Everglade Windows for your uPVC needs

Installers across London and the South East choose Everglade Windows as their uPVC manufacturer of choice for top quality products, fast turnaround times and customer service they can rely on.

We fabricate stunning, premium uPVC windows and doors in beautiful flush or foiled finishes.

The state-of-the-art machine also ensures more reliability, ensuring no delays to production. The fast turnaround times help you to meet tight deadlines and impress customers.

Investing in the Rotox SMK505 for our uPVC orders reflects Everglade Windows’ continued goal of ensuring we offer our customers the highest quality products and the best possible service.

To find out more about choosing Everglade Windows as your uPVC manufacturer, call us on 020 8998 8775, email or fill out a contact form here.

We’re always happy to welcome you at our showroom in Perivale, where you can see our uPVC windows and doors and find out more about our manufacturing process from our happy to help sales team. You can even bring your customers along too!