Social Media Tips for Window Installers: YouTube

Social media is a fantastic tool to help to boost your business but we know it can be difficult to get started. That’s why we’ve written a series of social media tips to get you going on the most popular platforms. This time it’s YouTube – here are our four social media tips to success on the second biggest search engine on the web.

YouTube tips

YouTube is great for funny cat videos but it can also be used to help you promote your business. Video is one of the most noticed things on social media so it can really help your engagement with your customers.

  1. Set up your channel


You’ll need a Google account in order to set up a YouTube channel so start there. It’s easy to do and you’ll be able to manage your Google Plus account from here too so you can make sure that you’re listed on local Google searches. It means that people looking for window installers or local builders are more likely to find you!

Once you’re set up, choose a good cover image so people can see what you do straight away and share your new channel on your other social media channels.

  1. It’s easy to do it yourself


You don’t need to get professional film crews in to create videos of your company, you can use your smartphone. There are some great, free video editing apps available now that are easy-to-use and make your videos look top-notch.

Think about adding captions throughout and don’t worry about being too blatant about call-to-actions, posting your phone number will make it easier for prospects to get in touch if they like the look of what you do.

  1. What to post?


Video is really popular because it’s so easy for us to digest and 80% of people stop watching after 30 seconds, so make it count. Shorter is better – people are looking for information fast and two minutes is more than long enough.

You can post videos about your business, product demos and walkthroughs of finished installations or projects. It’s a great opportunity to show off your workmanship to prospective customers and could help to close that deal for you.

  1. Make the most of SEO value


YouTube is the second biggest search engine so make sure that when you upload videos you utilise video descriptions and the tagging facility to your advantage.

Use your keywords and try to use 50 tags using the generator when you upload. YouTube loves new content so post regularly and don’t forget to post your footage to your other social media channels too to get more views. And don’t forget that Facebook is competing with YouTube to be the biggest video platform, so upload videos directly to your Facebook page too.


Everglade on YouTube

We’re on YouTube too. We regularly upload videos about our latest products as well as how-to and technical guides. Follow our YouTube channel to keep up with our latest videos.

If you’re interested in getting onto other social media platforms, we have lots more social media tips. Take a look at our quick-start guide to Twitter for business.

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