aïr screens for widespan doors

Privacy Screens for Wide-span Doors available from Everglade Windows

Now that it’s officially the British Summertime, widespan doors are more popular than ever for homeowners.

People want to open up their homes to the garden with bifold and sliding doors, helping to connect the indoors and outdoors, add more light, make the most of space and inject stunning style.

However, this need is often met with an unfriendly appearance from those pesky insects that the great outdoors often brings.

When installing widespan doors in your customers’ homes, ensure they’ll let the outside in but keep the unwanted insects out with aïr privacy and insect screens from Everglade Windows.

Keep insects out with aïr screens

insect screens widespan doors

To make the most of their beautiful new bi-fold or sliding doors, homeowners will want to keep their doors wide open all day.

Clever aïr screens are installed over widespan doors so that they can be kept open without worry.

By upselling to aïr privacy and insect screens, homeowners will be able to enjoy the views of their garden and benefit from the ventilation the summer breeze brings without flies and insects getting inside.

Add privacy with aïr screens

widespan door screens add privacy

Widespan doors open up homes like never before, creating wide openings to enter the garden, as well as uninterrupted glass walls for the light to shine through.

For homeowners that want all of the benefits of widespan doors but with an extra level of privacy, aïr screens are ideal.

The widespan door screens ensure that homeowners can still have their doors open all day for seamless access to the outdoors and an open plan feel, and the doors can still illuminate their living space. However, they offer excellent privacy from the outside world, striking the perfect balance

aïr screens complement the sleek style of widespan doors

Another benefit of aïr screens for widespan doors is that they add to the uninterrupted style of bifold and sliding doors.

As homeowners don’t often think about how they are going to dress the doors, aïr screens are a great opportunity to upsell, giving your customers the perfect finish to their new feature.

Widespan doors are often a standout feature for properties, and homeowners don’t want to ruin them with curtains or blinds.

aïr widespan door screens have slim sightlines and a minimalistic style, which means they perfectly complement the sleek nature of bifold and sliding doors.

This also eliminates the risk of ruining the illusion of an extended living space with heavy curtains or blinds.

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aïr screens from Everglade Windows are available with our range of widespan aluminium doors, including the exclusive aïr collection of aïr 800 bifold doors and aïr 500LS & 600LS lift & slide doors, as well as our CF68 bifold doors.

To make things really easy for fitters, the concertina-style screens are lightweight and are even delivered in ready-to-install packs.

To see a working example of our aïr privacy and insect screens for widespan doors, visit our showroom in Perivale where you can even bring your customers to have a look too.

Alternatively, fill in a contact form here and member of our happy to help team will get back to you.